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proRound Spiral Notebook for Medical Students – Pocket Size! Must-Have Log Book!

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The Perfect Companion for Medical Professionals On the Go

As a medical student, nurse, or physician assistant, you understand the importance of having quick and easy access to patient information during rounds. Keeping track of medications, labs, assessments, and other crucial details can be overwhelming without the right tools. That’s where the Medical Rounds Notebook, proRound, comes in.

Fits Right in Your Pocket

Gone are the days of carrying around bulky notebooks or struggling to find a place to store your patient notes. The proRound spiral medical notepad is specifically designed to fit perfectly in your standard white coat pocket, measuring a convenient 4.5″ x 7″. Its compact size ensures that you always have it handy.

Never Miss Pertinent Information

With its pre-filled template on each page, the proRound notebook guarantees that you won’t overlook any important patient information. The template provides ample room for specific details such as current medications, labs, and overall assessment. No more scrambling to remember all the crucial data during rounds!

Ample Space for All Your Patient Encounters

Recognizing the demands of your profession, the proRound journal offers an impressive 75 pages, providing enough space for up to 35 patient encounters per notebook. Its thick cover, sturdy back, and durable pages ensure that you can write on the go without worrying about damaging your important notes.

Saving Time with Common Abbreviations

One of the standout features of the proRound medical notepad is its quick-notes section, which includes common abbreviations, shorthand lab trees, and calculations. This valuable resource saves you precious time when you need it most, allowing you to interpret and utilize abbreviations effortlessly. Dive into specific details without hesitation.

A Notebook Designed by Medical Professionals for Medical Professionals

The proRound notebook isn’t just another generic notebook. It has been carefully crafted by medical workers who understand your unique needs and challenges. Its intuitive design and thoughtful features make it an indispensable tool for medical students, nurses, and physician assistants.


The Medical Rounds Notebook, proRound, offers convenience, functionality, and reliability in a compact and portable package. Its pocket-sized dimensions, pre-filled template, ample space, and quick-notes section make it an essential companion for medical professionals on the go.

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