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Monstera Moss Stick – 4 Pack

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Discover the Ultimate Support for Your Indoor Plants with the Monstera, 52 Inch Moss Stick, Fusisi Plant Pole for Climbing Plants

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Fusisi Moss Pole: The Long-lasting Solution

Are you tired of flimsy supports for your climbing plants? Look no further! The Fusisi moss pole offers exceptional durability and longevity compared to other options on the market. How does it achieve this? Well, our wooden stick is coated with natural mineral oil that effectively prevents corrosion, mildew, and pests. This innovative design and protection make the moss pole reusable, saving you both money and space. When you don’t need the moss pole, simply remove the stick and place it in the included PVC pipe to keep it dry and ready to use again when needed.

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Flexible and Extendable Design

The Monstera, 52 Inch Moss Stick, Fusisi Plant Pole is designed to adapt to the growth of your plants. With 4 pieces of 16.5-inch moss poles, you can stack them up to create a total height of 52 inches. This flexibility allows you to provide additional support as your plants grow taller. Whether you choose to use the pole alone or stack them together, you can easily meet the needs of different stages of plant growth. Say goodbye to concerns about your climbing plants outgrowing their support!

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Improved Sturdy Design

Our engineers have taken great care to design the Monstera, 52 Inch Moss Stick, Fusisi Plant Pole with stability in mind. The coir totem poles are stored in a cylindrical storage, with each wooden stick individually placed in a PVC pipe. This not only keeps the stakes dry but also saves valuable space. When you need plant support, simply remove the wooden stick and insert it into the other end of the pole. We have also innovated a new reinforcing mold in the PVC pipe, ensuring a sturdy connection between the wooden stick and the pole. Once inserted into the soil, the moss poles provide reliable support for your indoor potted plants.

Package Content and Plant Compatibility

Each package includes 4 pieces of 16.5-inch Moss Poles, 10 plant labels in random colors, and 158 inches of twine. The Monstera, 52 Inch Moss Stick, Fusisi Plant Pole is the perfect partner for the growth of various plants such as Monstera, Pothos, Money Plants, and any other crawling climbers. Experience peace of mind knowing that your precious plants will receive the support and care they need to thrive.

If you have any doubts or questions about the Fusisi moss pole, our customer support team is always here to assist you. Choose Fusisi, and embark on a journey to take your indoor plants to new heights!

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