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Mortons Carbon Fiber Insole: Hallux Rigidus Relief

Mortons Extension Carbon Fiber Insole 1pc | Rigid Morton Extension Orthotic Shoe Insert Carbon Insole & Big Toe...
  • ✅ HIGH-QUALITY MORTONS EXTENSION ORTHOTIC INSERT: Sold as a single Insole (1 PIECE). The Turf Toe plate is made of 3K twill pure carbon fiber. This stiff carbon insole for men and women is suitable for either foot - Flip it over. NB: Check with your doctor if this is the product you need.
  • ✅ CARBON FIBER INSOLE TO SUPPORT THE BIG TOE: This 1,6 mm thick flat toe support shoe insert with no contoured arch is durable, lightweight, thin corrosion-free and warm to the touch. The function of this carbon fiber shoe insert is to limit the range of motion and remove excess pressure from the big toe.
  • ✅ RIGID SHOE INSERT IS FOR RECOVERY: Make sure the Morton's Extension insole is placed underneath your big toe. The Turf Toe plate works like shoe stiffener insert that raises the level of the big toe. Suitable for Morton's Toe, Turf Toe, Hallux Rigidus and Hallux Limitus.
  • ✅ BUY THE CARBON FOOT PLATE ACCORDING TO YOUR FOOT SIZE: If you wear a half-size, choose a smaller Mortons Toe insert. We recommend using this Mortons extension shoe insole with footwear that has a wide toe area - Better for recovering from forefoot trauma and protecting from further injuries.
  • ✅ HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT SIZE MORTON'S EXTENSION ORTHOTIC: 1. Measure your foot from heel to the tip of the toe. 2. Look at the fourth explanatory picture and find the product that matches the size of your bare foot. NB: This stiff carbon fiber foot plate insert is much more comfortable to wear under a softer shoe insole.
  • ✅ ALTERNATIVE TO POST-OP SHOE: From all shoe inserts & insoles, this is the best orthotic insert for Mortons neuroma, Morton extension, Turf toe, Hallux limitus, Hallux rigidus, a broken toe, arthritis and sesamoiditis. This orthotic insert is a great alternative to a turf toe brace, post-op shoe and shoe for broken toe.

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Introducing the Mortons Extension Carbon Fiber Insole 1pc, the ultimate solution for those suffering from conditions such as Morton’s Toe, Turf Toe, Hallux Rigidus, and Hallux Limitus. This remarkable orthotic shoe insert is designed to provide excellent support and relief, ensuring maximum comfort and mobility.

Unveiling the Unique Features

The Mortons Extension Carbon Fiber Insole is a flat toe support shoe insert made of high-quality carbon fiber, measuring 1.6 mm thick. Unlike contoured arch inserts, it boasts a thin and sleek design, making it lightweight and durable. The carbon fiber material is not only corrosion-free but also warm to the touch, enhancing user comfort.

Ultimate Support for the Big Toe

This carbon fiber insole significantly limits the range of motion of the big toe and minimizes excessive pressure. By stabilizing and supporting the big toe, it reduces pain and discomfort associated with conditions like Morton’s Toe. With its rigid construction, this shoe insert acts as a shoe stiffener insert, raising the level of the big toe for enhanced recovery.

Tailored to Your Needs

Finding the right size of the Mortons Extension Orthotic is a breeze. Simply measure your foot from heel to tip and refer to the explanatory picture provided. Note that if you wear a half-size, it’s recommended to choose a smaller insert. Moreover, it’s advisable to pair this insert with footwear that offers a wide toe area, ensuring optimal recovery and protection from further injuries.

A Comfortable and Effective Alternative

Forget about bulky post-op shoes and uncomfortable toe braces. The Mortons Extension Carbon Fiber Insole is the perfect alternative for those seeking relief from different foot conditions. Whether you’re dealing with Morton’s neuroma, a broken toe, or arthritis, this orthotic insert has got you covered. Its superior design aligns with medical standards, making it suitable for various foot ailments.

An Affordable Investment in Your Foot Health

By investing in the Mortons Extension Carbon Fiber Insole, you’re not only taking care of your foot health but also your overall well-being. This high-quality insert is affordable, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Say goodbye to expensive medical treatments and embrace this cost-effective solution.


In conclusion, the Mortons Extension Carbon Fiber Insole 1pc is a remarkable innovation that caters to individuals suffering from conditions like Morton’s Toe, Turf Toe, Hallux Rigidus, and Hallux Limitus. Its carbon fiber construction provides unmatched support, while its sleek design ensures comfort and durability. With its personalized sizing options and remarkable affordability, this orthotic shoe insert is truly a game-changer. Say hello to pain-free walking and reclaim your mobility with the Mortons Extension Carbon Fiber Insole.

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