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Nordic Pocket Saw: Ultimate Pocket Chainsaw! Chainsaw Manual Chain Saw Backpacking! Limited Stock!

Nordic Pocket Saw - Pocket Chainsaw 25.6" or 36" - 3 Colors - Hand Chainsaw with Nylon Case - Manual Chainsaw with...
  • This pocket chain saw is a versatile and lightweight tool designed for outdoor activities. It can be used for cutting firewood, clearing paths, and removing fallen trees during camping, hiking, mountain biking and other adventures. The Nordic Saw is easy to bring along and pack in your backpack or attach on your belt, as it only weighs 4.7 oz.
  • The pocket saw chain is outfitted with bi-directional teeth on every link, ensuring an efficient and smooth cutting experience in both directions. A greater number of teeth compared to most competitors results in quicker and smoother cutting.
  • Each nylon handle is stitched with three durable bar tack seams that ensure longevity. Unlike many competing products, our handles are designed with generous dimensions. This enables individuals with larger hands to easily fit the entire hand within the loop. Additionally, larger handles acommodates the use of protective or winter gloves during colder seasons.
  • The chain is 25.6 inches long, made of heat-treated high carbon steel and features 33 bi-directional teeth. To maximize its lifespan, it is important to keep the chain clean, lubricate it with chainsaw oil, and sharpen it using a 11/64" round file. Additionally, ensure to keep it dry and allow the item to remain outside of its pocket for a duration of 24 hours if the handles have become wet due to rain.
  • This pocket hand saw works best for logs with a thickness of around 3 inches, but it can also handle pieces ranging from 1 inch to 18 inches in diameter. For thinner sticks and branches we recommend using a foldable saw instead. Be prepared with this survival saw, as its compact size also makes it a dependable tool to keep in your vehicle, ensuring that you are always prepared for unexpected obstacles on the road.

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Introducing the Nordic Pocket Saw – Pocket Chainsaw, a revolutionary hand chainsaw that combines convenience and reliability to bring you the ultimate cutting tool for your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply need a compact tool for emergency situations, this manual chain saw is a must-have addition to your gear.

Double Cutting Teeth for Effortless Cutting
The Nordic Pocket Saw features double cutting teeth on every major link, ensuring effective and effortless cutting in both directions. This innovative design allows for faster and more efficient cutting, making quick work of any task. With cutting teeth on every element of the chain, you can trust that this hand powered chainsaw will deliver outstanding performance whenever you need it.

Made of Heat Treated High Carbon Steel
To ensure durability and resilience under harsh conditions, the chain of the Nordic Pocket Saw is made of heat treated high carbon steel. This specially developed material is ideal for blades, providing exceptional strength and longevity. Additionally, the heavy-duty nylon handles are designed to withstand wear and tear, while still offering a comfortable and safe grip, even when wet. You can rely on this pocket chain saw to withstand the toughest challenges of the great outdoors.

World’s Most Awarded Hand Powered Chainsaw
The Nordic Pocket Saw has been recognized as the world’s most awarded hand powered chainsaw. Its outstanding performance and innovative design have earned it prestigious accolades, including a gold medal in various “Best Outdoor Product Competitions.” From National Geographic Gift Guide to the Outdoor Industry Award, this chainsaw has proven its worth time and time again. When you choose the Nordic Pocket Saw, you’re investing in a product that has been recognized for its excellence by experts in the field.

Laboratory Strength Tested for Your Peace of Mind
Not only has the Nordic Pocket Saw gained recognition through awards, it has also been laboratory strength tested for your peace of mind. In a study conducted by Karlstad University in Sweden, this manual chainsaw made of extra strong nylon proved its strength by withstanding a force 20 times stronger than a human can achieve. This scientifically proven durability ensures that the Nordic Pocket Saw is a reliable companion you can trust in any situation.

Compact and Portable
One of the standout features of the Nordic Pocket Saw is its compact and portable design. Weighing significantly less and taking up less space than other camping saws available, this pocket chainsaw is easy to pack in your backpack or attach to your belt. Its lightweight and convenient design make it an essential component in your prepping kit, SUV, or for any outdoor activity where a reliable cutting tool is needed.

In conclusion, the Nordic Pocket Saw – Pocket Chainsaw is a game-changer in the world of outdoor tools. With its double cutting teeth, durable construction, extensive recognition, and laboratory strength testing, it offers unmatched performance and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or an occasional adventurer, this hand chain saw is a must-have companion. Invest in the Nordic Pocket Saw, and experience the power of a manual chainsaw that is designed to meet the demands of the great outdoors.

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