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Boomr Bag: Premium Sterile Mushroom Substrate

North Spore 'Boomr Bag' (5 lbs) Sterile Manure-Based Bulk Mushroom Substrate | Premium Horse Manure Blend | Grow...
  • GROW BIGGER FLUSHES: Our best-selling Boomr Bag is a sterile manure-based bulk mushroom substrate formulated by mycologists to maximize your mushroom yield. Use Boomr Bag in monotubs, filter bags, and outdoor beds. Or, grow mushrooms from the bag or tray in a humidity-controlled grow room or Martha set up.
  • PERFECTED FOR DUNG-LOVING SPECIES: It features a proprietary blend of composted horse manure, coco coir, and several quality substrate supplements (although we keep the exact blend a secret!)
  • MIX WITH COLONIZED GRAIN SPAWN: We recommended 1 lb of colonized grain spawn for every 5 lbs of Boomr Bag sterile substrate. (Higher inoculation rates may improve your success.)
  • STORE UNTIL READY: Boomr Bags can be stored for several months before use. They should be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight. No refrigeration necessary.
  • TRUSTED BY GROWERS: Our Boomr Bags are sterilized in a commercial-grade autoclave. Sterility is verified using biological indicators and temperature sensors.
  • BEST PRACTICES: We recommend clean hands, latex gloves, and sterile technique when using Boomr Bag to reduce the introduction of contaminants. It is also best practice to wait a minimum of 1 week after arrival before using sterile substrates to ensure they were not compromised during transit.

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Introducing the North Spore ‘Boomr Bag’ Sterile Mushroom Substrate: Unlock Magical Mushroom Harvests

Growing your own mushrooms has never been easier, thanks to the revolutionary North Spore ‘Boomr Bag’ Sterile Mushroom Substrate. Created by expert mycologists in picturesque Maine, USA, this handmade, 5 lb bag of pure fungal goodness is designed to take your mushroom cultivation to new heights. Allow me to take you on a journey through the captivating world of the Boomr Bag and discover why it is the must-have substrate for all fungi enthusiasts.

Made for Dung-Loving Species: A Secret Blend That Works Wonders

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the blend of composted horse manure, coco coir, and secret substrate supplements carefully tucked away within each Boomr Bag. This proprietary blend has been meticulously perfected to meet the exacting requirements of dung-loving species, providing the ideal environment for mushrooms to thrive and flourish. With this magical mix in your hands, your fungi will experience a quantum leap in growth and yield.

Mix, Mold, and Marvel: The Art of Mushroom Cultivation

Unlock the true potential of your Boomr Bag by seamlessly integrating it with colonized grain spawn. The recommended ratio calls for 1 lb of colonized grain spawn for every 5 lbs of magical substrate. For those aiming for spectacular success, experimenting with higher inoculation rates may prove to be the key to unlocking even bigger, bolder flushes. Get ready to witness your mushrooms growing faster and stronger than ever before!

Store, Savor, and Sprout: Convenience at Your Fingertips

The Boomr Bag empowers you to embark on your mushroom-growing journey at your own pace. With the ability to store these bags for months on end, a world of fungi awaits whenever you’re ready to take the plunge. Simply keep your Boomr Bags in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and they will be patiently awaiting your command. No refrigeration necessary. The only challenge you’ll face is restraining your excitement to wait until the perfect moment.

The Science of Sterility: Trustworthy Technology for Optimal Success

Handpicked by seasoned growers across the nation, the Boomr Bag is crafted using a state-of-the-art commercial-grade autoclave. This process ensures impeccable sterilization, safeguarding your substrate from unwanted contaminants that could hinder your mushroom-growing aspirations. North Spore goes the extra mile by meticulously verifying sterility through the use of biological indicators and temperature sensors. When it comes to delivering perfection, these mycologists infuse their expertise and passion into every bag.

Best Practices for Majestic Mushrooms: A Journey to Success

When it comes to achieving optimal results, North Spore knows that devil lies in the details. To create an environment free of contamination and ensure the grandest of harvests, they advise practicing cleanliness and employing sterile technique. Donning clean hands and latex gloves will give your mushrooms the best fighting chance. Additionally, patience is key – waiting a week after delivery allows you to rest assured that the transit process did not compromise the pristine quality of your Boomr Bag.

Join the ever-growing community of mushroom cultivators who trust in the North Spore ‘Boomr Bag’ Sterile Mushroom Substrate. Experience the thrill of bountiful flushes, the magic of mycelium, and the satisfaction of culinary creations straight from your own home. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to unlock extraordinary mushroom harvests. Embrace the Boomr Bag and let the fungal adventure begin!


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