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Certified USDA Organic Indoor Herb Garden Kit | Made in USA

Organic Herb Garden Kit Indoor - Certified USDA & Made in USA | Herb Plants for Women and Men, Indoor Herb Garden...
  • Oregon Family Farm Business - Our company is family owned and operated on our 65 acre farm in rural Oregon. Each Spade To Fork indoor garden kit contains 5 types of Certified USDA Organic Non GMO seeds. The herb planters for indoor plants also include Italian Large Leaf Basil, Coriander Cilantro (slow bolt), Peione Parsley, Broad Leaf Sage and Thyme; 5 OMRI listed compostable peat pots; 5 OMRI certified rich potting soil discs; 5 custom wood burned plant markers; our beautiful 26pg growing guide
  • Entire Kit Is Certified USDA Organic - Most kitchen herb garden germination kits only include organic seeds, but their soil and pots are sometimes treated with harmful chemicals and pesticides. We are strong believers in sustainable, eco friendly, fully organic systems that are safe for our families and women, men, kids and every grower. Our DIY culinary indoor plant growing system is fully and proudly certified by ODA right here in Oregon.
  • The Perfect Special Gift - Our indoor herb seed kit makes a fun gift for virtually anyone -- man or woman, vegetarian or vegans, mom on mothers day, dad on fathers day, best kitchen and herb seeds for planting indoors or housewarming present. Our indoor herb garden kit grows perfectly on a windowsill, in an apartment or condominium, in a personal outdoor greenhouse, or in your home window sill, balcony or even countertop.
  • Bring Your Kitchen To Life! - Plant seeds for indoor gardening, because every kitchen looks better with a window herb garden. Our decorative indoor herb kit with heirloom seeds is a unique way to add food to your planters and spice up your mealtime with a little gourmet flavor from your own home grow kits!
  • Herb Seeds for Planting Indoors Kit - It’s not only a great and unique gift, but this herb plants kit is also a fun everyday activity for the whole family. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time using herb seeds for planting indoors, or you’re already a skilled gardener, these herb plants will bring taste to your dishes, color to your kitchen and joy to your table.

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Bring Fresh Herbs to Your Kitchen with the Organic Herb Garden Kit Indoor

In a world dominated by processed foods and artificial flavors, it’s refreshing to have the option to grow our own herbs, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. The Organic Herb Garden Kit Indoor allows you to do just that, with a fully organic and sustainable system that is certified USDA and made right here in the USA.

Certified USDA Organic, Inside and Out
Unlike other herb garden kits on the market, this kit goes above and beyond by ensuring that every aspect of the growing process is organic. While some kits may include organic seeds, they often neglect to mention that the soil and pots they provide are treated with harmful chemicals. With the Organic Herb Garden Kit Indoor, you can rest easy knowing that everything, from the seeds to the soil, is free from synthetic substances. This commitment to organic cultivation is not only beneficial for our families but also for the planet itself.

The Perfect Gift for Anyone
Whether you’re looking for a gift for a man or a woman, a vegetarian or a vegan, this indoor herb seed kit is sure to bring joy and delight. It’s an ideal present for special occasions like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or even as a housewarming gift for friends or loved ones. The versatility of this kit is impressive, as it can be grown in various settings such as a windowsill, apartment, condominium, personal outdoor greenhouse, or even a countertop. No matter where it’s planted, this herb garden kit is guaranteed to thrive and bring life to any kitchen.

A Gourmet Touch for Your Meals
Enhance your culinary adventures with the delicious flavors of fresh herbs from your very own indoor garden. The Organic Herb Garden Kit Indoor includes heirloom seeds that add a gourmet touch to your meals and elevate your cooking to a whole new level. Imagine plucking fresh basil leaves for a vibrant Caprese salad or sprinkling mint leaves on top of a refreshing summer cocktail. With this kit, you can bring the joy of farm-to-table dining right into your own home.

Fun for the Whole Family
Gardening is not only a relaxing hobby but also a wonderful way to bond with loved ones. The Organic Herb Garden Kit Indoor offers an opportunity for the whole family to get involved and experience the joys of herb gardening together. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a curious beginner, this kit provides everything you need to create a thriving herb garden that will bring color and flavor to your kitchen. From planting the seeds to watching them sprout and grow, this kit offers a fun and educational experience for all ages.

The Organic Herb Garden Kit Indoor is a must-have for anyone who desires fresh, organic herbs at their fingertips. With its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, this kit brings a sense of joy and accomplishment to every grower. Whether you’re looking to enhance your culinary creations or simply enjoy the beauty of a thriving indoor garden, this kit delivers. Give the gift of flavor and freshness with the Organic Herb Garden Kit Indoor, and watch as it transforms any kitchen into a vibrant and aromatic haven.

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