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Dog Lover’s Pasta: Fun Shaped Noodles – 2 Pack. Made in USA!

Pastabilities Dog Lovers Pasta, Fun Shaped Noodles for Kids, 14 oz (2 Pack) Non-GMO Natural Wheat Pasta, Kosher...
  • FUN SHAPED PASTA THAT KIDS LOVE TO EAT: Pastabilities Dog Lovers Shaped Pasta is Kosher certified, all-natural GMO. Kids will love the fun shaped pasta featuring dog bones and paw prints! Perfect for kids, birthday parties, sleepovers, crafts and more!
  • HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Pastabilities Pasta for kids is made with 100% durum wheat and vegetable powders with pieces that are the perfect bite size. Our fun shaped Dog Lovers pasta taste great and your kids will love it!
  • MADE THE OLD-WORLD ITALIAN WAY: Pastabilities Pasta uses bronze dies and slow drying, creating a porous texture and more delicious taste. Kids will love the fun shapes and your entire family will love the taste!
  • KOSHER CERTIFIED, ALL NATURAL NON-GMO, VEGAN PLANT BASED: Pastabilities Pasta is vegan pasta noodles that are Non GMO and made in the USA. Pastabilities Pasta is the perfect healthy meal for your entire family.
  • FUN PASTA SHAPES FOR EVERYONE: Pastabilities Pasta comes in many fun shapes for the entire family. From animal shaped pasta, sports, holidays, and more, our shapes are perfect for any occasion and craft projects too!
  • PERFECT FOR SUMMER GATHERINGS: Pastabilities Pasta is perfect for all of your summer gatherings. Birthday parties, grilling out, Memorial Day, Labor Day and more! Our Pasta is great for backyard appetizers, pasta salad, BBQ pasta and more!

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A Fun and Delicious Pasta for Dog-Loving Kids

When it comes to finding the perfect pasta for kids, Pastabilities Dog Lovers Pasta is a delightful and nutritious option. Made with high-quality ingredients and shaped like adorable dogs, this pasta will instantly capture the hearts – and tastebuds – of any young pasta enthusiast.

Quality Ingredients and Old-World Techniques

Pastabilities Pasta is crafted with 100% durum wheat and vegetable powders, ensuring that each bite is not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients. What sets this pasta apart is its traditional Italian manufacturing process. Bronze dies are used to shape the pasta, and slow drying techniques create a porous texture that allows for a more flavorful experience.

A Healthy Meal for the Whole Family

Not only is Pastabilities Dog Lovers Pasta a hit with kids, but it also checks all the boxes for health-conscious parents. This pasta is kosher certified, all-natural, non-GMO, and vegan. You can feel good about serving it to your family, knowing that it is made with the highest quality ingredients and without any artificial additives.

A Shape for Every Occasion

One of the most exciting things about Pastabilities Pasta is the variety of fun shapes available. From animal-shaped pasta to sports-themed noodles, there is a shape for every occasion. Not only are they perfect for mealtime, but they also lend themselves well to craft projects, making them an excellent option for entertaining kids during family gatherings.

Perfect for Summer Gatherings

Summer is the season for outdoor gatherings and delicious food, and Pastabilities Dog Lovers Pasta fits right in. Whether it’s a birthday party, a backyard barbecue, or a holiday celebration, this pasta adds a touch of fun to any dish. Use it in pasta salads, as a side dish, or even in a creative pasta-based appetizer. The possibilities are endless!


Pastabilities Dog Lovers Pasta is not only a tasty and playful option for kids, but it also meets the highest standards of quality and nutrition. With its variety of fun shapes and commitment to using the best ingredients, Pastabilities truly delivers an exceptional pasta experience. Treat your family to a memorable meal with this delicious and wholesome pasta.

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