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PetSafe Zoom: The Ultimate Cat Toy for Anxiety & Boredom!

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Distract Cats from Destructive Behavior with the PetSafe Zoom – Automatic Cat Laser Toy!


If you’re a cat owner, you know that sometimes our feline friends can get a little too feisty or bored. That’s where the PetSafe Zoom – Automatic Cat Laser Toy comes in! This interactive toy is designed to relieve anxiety and boredom in your cats, while providing endless entertainment. With multiple lasers and hands-free play, it’s perfect for multi-cat households. In this review, we’ll dive into the unique features of this product, its important specs, potential benefits, and the value it brings to both you and your cats.

Multiple Lasers for Multi-Cat Fun:

One of the standout features of the PetSafe Zoom is its ability to entertain multiple cats at once. With two lasers that move around the base of the toy, it creates fun patterns that are visually interesting to pets. Whether you have two cats or a whole household of furry friends, this toy will keep them entertained and engaged for hours on end.

Relieve Anxiety and Boredom:

Cats, just like humans, can experience anxiety and boredom. The PetSafe Zoom is specifically designed to address these issues. With its captivating laser patterns and interactive play, it distracts cats from destructive behavior and encourages healthy exercise. Say goodbye to scratched furniture or torn curtains, and hello to happy, entertained cats!

Hands-Free Play and Auto Shutoff:

Operating the PetSafe Zoom is a breeze. With just a single button on the base of the toy, you can initiate hands-free playtime for your cats. This allows you to sit back and relax while your furry friends chase and pounce on the lasers. And don’t worry about overstimulation – the Zoom automatically turns off after 15 minutes, ensuring your cats won’t get too carried away.

Safe and Cat-Friendly Design:

When it comes to your pets, safety is always a top priority. The PetSafe Zoom features two Class IIIA lasers with a maximum power output of 5 mw, providing a safe play experience for your cats. Additionally, the toy operates with minimal electronic sounds, making it suitable even for the most timid of kitties. For optimal performance, it’s recommended to use only alkaline batteries.

Dimensions and Specifications:

The PetSafe Zoom has a compact and lightweight design, measuring 5.32 x 5.32 x 10.43 inches and weighing just 15.84 ounces. This makes it easy to place anywhere in your home and move around as needed. The toy requires three alkaline AA batteries, which are sold separately. It’s important to note that the product was first available on May 1, 2018, and it is manufactured by Radio Systems Corporation in China.


In conclusion, the PetSafe Zoom – Automatic Cat Laser Toy is an excellent choice for any cat owner looking to keep their feline friends entertained and engaged. With its multiple lasers, hands-free operation, and auto shutoff feature, it provides a safe and enjoyable play experience for all cats, no matter their age or temperament. Say goodbye to anxious and bored cats, and say hello to hours of endless entertainment. Invest in the PetSafe Zoom today and bring joy to both you and your furry companions!

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