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Plastimade Flex-Cut: The Ultimate Portable Cutting Board

Plastimade Disposable Plastic Cutting Board | Easy To Use Flexible Cutting Board Sheets With Built In Sliding...
  • PRACTICAL PLASTIC CUTTING BOARD SHEETS - This is a disposable cutting board with an edge, pure convenience at your fingertips. Whether you’re taking a trip in your RV or planning a birthday get together, these plastic cutting board sheets will make your food preparation so much easier. It’s a handy way to keep down the mess, but maximize on functionality.
  • CONVENIENT BUILT IN SLIDING CUTTER - The built in sliding cutting mechanism cuts your boards quickly and seamlessly. No scissors necessary. Cut the board to the right size that you need each time. Customize this within the roll’s measurements of 12” wide x 25' long.
  • FLEXIBLE CHOPPING MATS FOR EASY CLEANUP - The disposable chopping mat’s bendable, flexible plastic allows you to transfer your food items to a bowl, plate or cooking pot easily. They provide a quick and easy cleanup for quick meals at home or on the go, just chop and then bin after use. This reduces mess and saves time.
  • DURABLE SURFACE TO CUT ANYTHING - With a durable, textured surface the cutting board sheets are strong enough to cut anything on, but will not dull knives at the same time. The conveniently packaged cutting board roll comes in a thin box so that you can store it in a convenient spot in your kitchen or on the go.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPOSABLE CUTTING BOARD - In addition to the features mentioned, these disposable, easy to use cutting board sheets have a number of uses. They are great for cooking prep, commercial use (such as in restaurants and cafes), traveling, tailgating, parties, camping, BBQs or home kitchen use.

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A Versatile and Convenient Cutting Board for All Your Needs

Introducing the Plastimade Disposable Plastic Cutting Board – the ultimate solution for all your culinary adventures! Whether you’re cooking for a party, tailgating, camping, or preparing a quick meal at home, these innovative cutting board sheets will revolutionize the way you slice, dice, and chop.

Cutting made Effortless with the Built-in Sliding Cutter

Say goodbye to the hassles of using scissors or searching for the right cutting tool! With the Plastimade Disposable Plastic Cutting Board, you have a convenient built-in sliding cutter that effortlessly cuts the board to your desired size every time. Customize it within the roll’s measurements of 12″ wide x 25′ long, ensuring you have the perfect-sized cutting surface for your culinary creations.

Flexible Chopping Mats for Quick and Easy Cleanup

We all know how messy cooking can get, especially when you’re in a rush. That’s why these disposable chopping mats are designed to make cleanup quick and hassle-free. The bendable, flexible plastic allows you to easily transfer your food items to a bowl, plate, or cooking pot. Once you’re done, simply chop, and then bin – no more dealing with stubborn food scraps or a sink full of dirty dishes. This innovative design saves you valuable time and effort.

Durable Surface that Preserves Your Knives

Don’t compromise the longevity of your knives with subpar cutting boards. The Plastimade Disposable Plastic Cutting Board features a durable, textured surface that can withstand even the sharpest blades without dulling them. Now you can confidently tackle any cutting task without worrying about ruining your kitchen arsenal.

An All-in-One Cutting Board for Various Needs

What sets the Plastimade Disposable Plastic Cutting Board apart is its versatility. Whether you’re a home cook, a professional chef, or simply someone who loves to grill, this cutting board suits all your needs. It’s perfect for cooking preparation, commercial use in restaurants and cafes, traveling, tailgating, parties, camping, BBQs, and of course, kitchen use at home. No matter where your culinary adventures take you, this cutting board is your reliable companion.

The conveniently packaged cutting board roll comes in a thin box, allowing you to store it in a convenient spot in your kitchen or easily take it on the go. Its compact design doesn’t compromise on functionality, making it an indispensable tool for any cooking enthusiast.

So, why wait? Get your hands on the Plastimade Disposable Plastic Cutting Board today and experience the ultimate convenience in all your culinary endeavors. No more tedious cleaning, no more dull knives – just effortless cutting and quick cleanup. Embrace the possibilities and elevate your cooking game like never before!

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