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Rechargeable USB Mini Fan with 3 Gears!

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The Portable Handheld Cooling Bladeless Fan is a must-have accessory for those scorching hot summer days. With its innovative design and powerful functionality, this mini fan is guaranteed to keep you cool and comfortable wherever you go.

360-Degree Breeze

One of the standout features of this fan is its ability to absorb wind from all 360 degrees, providing a powerful yet soft breeze. Gone are the days of only feeling the breeze in one direction. With this bladeless fan, you’ll feel an all-around cooling sensation no matter where you are.

Minimal Noise

Noisy fans can be a real nuisance, especially when you’re trying to relax or concentrate on work. Thankfully, this mini fan utilizes bladeless fan technology to minimize noise levels. By bringing the wind from the bottom to the outlet, it effectively reduces noise from the inner body of the fan. With a noise level of up to 80dBA, you can enjoy a peaceful environment while staying cool.

Easy Usage

Using this handheld fan is a breeze itself. With just one switch, you can easily control the fan speed to your liking. Additionally, the fan is rechargeable via the included USB cable charger, ensuring that you stay cool even when you’re on the go. The detachable cradle makes it convenient to use the fan on a table or carry it around with you wherever you need that extra cooling boost.


  • Unique bladeless fan design
  • Three fan speed levels: low, medium, and high
  • Aerodynamic construction for powerful and soft breeze
  • Minimal noise – up to 80dBA
  • USB powered
  • Rechargeable
  • Includes detachable cradle

Overall, the Portable Handheld Cooling Bladeless Fan is a game-changer when it comes to portable cooling solutions. Its unique design, powerful functionality, and minimal noise make it a must-have for anyone looking to beat the heat on the go. Whether you’re relaxing on a beach, working in a stuffy office, or enjoying outdoor activities, this fan will provide the cooling relief you need.

Stay cool and comfortable with this innovative bladeless fan – it’s time to say goodbye to traditional noisy fans and welcome a new era of cooling technology!

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