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Holy Poop! 30th Birthday Printed TP – Perfect Prank Gift!

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Title: Printed TP Holy Poop You’re 30 Printed Toilet Paper – A Hilarious Gag Gift to Spice Up Any 30th Birthday Party


Looking for a unique and memorable gift for someone who’s turning 30? Look no further than the Holy Poop You’re 30 Printed Toilet Paper by Printed TP. This hilarious novelty toilet paper is the ultimate prankster’s delight and will undoubtedly light up any 30th birthday celebration. With its high-quality printing, eco-friendly construction, and versatile use, this gag gift is bound to bring endless laughs and become the catalyst for some unforgettable moments.

Unleashing the Prankster within:

The Holy Poop You’re 30 Printed Toilet Paper is designed specifically for those who love pranks. Whether you’re gifting it to a coworker, spouse, friend, or family member, this toilet paper adds an element of surprise and amusement. The moment they unwrap this present, they will be greeted with an unexpected reminder of their milestone age. This prank gift can be the centerpiece of your 30th birthday celebrations or an amusing decoration in the recipient’s bathroom.

Quality and Versatility Combined:

Printed TP takes pride in providing high-quality products, and this printed toilet paper is no exception. Manufactured and printed in the USA, it guarantees top-notch craftsmanship. The soy-based, eco-friendly ink ensures vibrant prints that won’t fade or run off.

This 2-ply toilet paper roll comes with 500 sheets, ample for a good laugh or as a decorative element. Not only is it perfect for pranks, but it can also be used for birthday party supplies, decorations, streamers, and even party favors. No matter how it’s utilized, this toilet paper is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the recipient and their guests.

Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable:

Printed TP prioritizes the environment, and this toilet paper reflects that commitment. Made from recycled paper, it is septic tank approved and biodegradable. The company’s dedication to sustainability ensures that you can enjoy this prank gift guilt-free while reducing your ecological footprint. So, go ahead and have a roll while enjoying a good laugh!


If you’re searching for a gift that will get the birthday boy or girl to double over with laughter, the Holy Poop You’re 30 Printed Toilet Paper is the answer. This prank gift perfectly combines humor, versatility, and high-quality construction. From pranks to party decorations, this gag gift is a surefire way to create memorable moments and endless laughter. So, break away from the ordinary and surprise someone special on their 30th birthday with this hilarious and unique toilet paper.

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