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Remo Ocean Drum 22″: Standard

Remo Ocean Drum - Standard, 22"
  • Ocean Drum Clear 2
  • 5 In x 22 In A 2-headed drum with metal beads inside that create wonderful sound effects when the drum is tilted or shaken
  • A 2-headed drum with metal beads inside that create wonderful sound effects when the drum is tilted or shaken

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When it comes to creating mesmerizing sound effects, the Remo Ocean Drum – Standard, 22″ is second to none. This incredible instrument, brought to you by Remo Inc., the world’s largest company for drumheads and percussion, combines innovative design with a rich history of craftsmanship. With its unique features and unparalleled performance, this ocean drum promises to make a splash in your musical journey.

Captivating Sound Effects

At 5 inches by 22 inches, the Remo Ocean Drum is a two-headed drum that contains metal beads inside. This ingenious design enables the drum to produce delightful sound effects when tilted or shaken. As the beads gently roll back and forth between the heads, they create a soothing symphony reminiscent of waves crashing on a sandy shore. Whether you’re a professional musician, a hobbyist, or simply enjoy the therapeutic power of sound, this ocean drum will transport you to the tranquility of the ocean in an instant.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Remo Inc. has always been at the forefront of drumhead innovation, and the Ocean Drum is no exception. This instrument is a true testament to the company’s commitment to excellence in both quality and design. Crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail, the Remo Ocean Drum features a durable construction that ensures its longevity and reliability even in the most demanding musical environments.

The drumheads, made from high-quality materials, provide a superior playing surface for enhanced tonal clarity and responsiveness. The metal beads inside the drum are carefully crafted to produce the perfect sound, ensuring consistency and depth with each tilt or shake. Whether you’re performing solo or with a band, the Remo Ocean Drum will captivate your audience and leave them yearning for more.

Endless Musical Possibilities

The Remo Ocean Drum is not limited to a specific genre or musical style. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any musician’s arsenal. From creating ambient sounds in meditation sessions to adding a touch of magic to your live performances, this drum offers limitless possibilities. The rich and resonant tones produced by the metal beads provide a unique layer of texture to your music, allowing you to explore new sonic landscapes and expand your creative horizons.

Value That Resonates

Investing in the Remo Ocean Drum is more than just purchasing an instrument; it’s an investment in the power of sound. The captivating sound effects and exceptional craftsmanship make this drum a valuable asset for both professional musicians and enthusiasts alike. It offers a gateway to new musical experiences and inspires creativity at every turn. The Remo Ocean Drum is a testament to Remo Inc.’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical innovation and delivering products that resonate with musicians worldwide.

In conclusion, the Remo Ocean Drum – Standard, 22″ is a true masterpiece in the world of percussion instruments. Its captivating sound effects, unparalleled craftsmanship, and endless musical possibilities make it an essential addition to any musician’s collection. Embrace the rhythmic waves and let the Remo Ocean Drum take your musical journey to new depths.

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