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Delicious & Healthy Bourbon Beef Jerky – Local & All-Natural – 2oz, Pack of 2!

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All-Natural and Delicious

Righteous Felon Beef Jerky in the Bourbon Franklin flavor is a true game-changer in the world of healthy snacks. Unlike other beef jerky or meat sticks packed with questionable chemicals, these snack packs are made with simple, all-natural ingredients that you can trust. Say goodbye to artificial flavors and colors, and say hello to a guilt-free snacking experience.

Righteous Felon has truly reinvented jerky and meat sticks with their bold and innovative flavors, and Bourbon Franklin is no exception. Made with great care in small batches, this jerky is seasoned to perfection with a savory blend of spices that brings out the best in that familiarly American flavor of dried meat. It’s a taste that will leave you craving for more.

High-Protein Powerhouse

Looking for a high-protein snack to fuel your day? Look no further than Righteous Felon Beef Jerky. Each pack is packed with protein, making it the perfect on-the-go snack to keep you energized and satisfied. No need to rely on fancy snacks or trail mix when you can count on old-fashioned American beef jerky to keep you going.

These snacks are not only high in protein, but they are also gluten-free and free of artificial flavors and chemicals. You can indulge in these delicious jerky snacks without worrying about compromising your health. It’s a win-win situation – delicious and nutritious.

Locally Sourced and Hormone-Free

Righteous Felon takes pride in using locally sourced ingredients to ensure the highest quality of their products. The beef used in their jerky is sourced from the Roseda Black Angus Farm in Maryland, as well as the all-natural 44 Farms in Texas. This means that you can enjoy your jerky knowing that it is made from 100% antibiotics and hormone-free beef.

By using locally sourced ingredients, Righteous Felon supports sustainable farming practices and reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transport. So not only are you treating yourself to a tasty snack, but you are also making an environmentally conscious choice.


Righteous Felon Beef Jerky in the Bourbon Franklin flavor is a must-try for jerky enthusiasts and health-conscious snackers alike. With its all-natural ingredients, bold flavors, and high protein content, it ticks all the boxes for a delicious and guilt-free snack. The locally sourced and hormone-free beef adds an extra layer of quality, and the fact that it supports sustainable farming practices is a bonus.

So why settle for mediocre snacks when you can indulge in Righteous Felon Beef Jerky? Give your taste buds a treat and fuel your body with this flavorful and nutritious snack. Order your pack of two 2-ounce bags today and experience the deliciousness for yourself.

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