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10 Commandments Throw Pillow 16×16 Multicolor

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Commandments That Inspire

Looking for a unique and meaningful gift? Look no further than the Riverside AllStar Designs 10 Commandments Throw Pillow. This vibrant and captivating pillow is not only a decorative piece but also a daily reminder of the values that shape our lives.

An Unmatched Design

The 10 Commandments design featured on this throw pillow is a true work of art. The intricate detailing and vibrant colors make it a captivating addition to any living space. Whether placed on a couch, bed, or chair, it will surely catch the attention of all who lay eyes on it.

Superb Quality

When it comes to quality, Riverside AllStar Designs never disappoints. This 16×16 throw pillow is made from 100% spun-polyester fabric, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. The double-sided print adds to the aesthetic appeal, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful design from any angle.

Handcrafted with Care

Each Riverside AllStar Designs 10 Commandments Throw Pillow is individually cut and sewn by hand. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that every pillow is of the highest quality. The sewn closure ensures that the pillow is secure and well-filled, preventing any discomfort during use.

Making the World Better

What sets this throw pillow apart is its message. The 10 Commandments speak to principles of love, compassion, and respect, reminding us of the values that can make the world a better place. This pillow is the perfect gift for those who strive to spread positivity and inspire those around them.

Easy Maintenance

Concerned about keeping your new throw pillow clean? Don’t worry! The Riverside AllStar Designs 10 Commandments Throw Pillow can be spot cleaned or dry cleaned, ensuring that it stays fresh and vibrant without any hassle. Its low maintenance nature allows you to focus on enjoying its beauty without any added stress.


The Riverside AllStar Designs 10 Commandments Throw Pillow is truly a gem worth investing in. Its captivating design, superb quality, and meaningful message make it the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. Add a touch of inspiration to your living space and let the values of the 10 Commandments guide your daily life.

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