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Servappetit Tortilla Warmer – 8.5″ – Ceramic

Servappetit Tortilla Warmer with Tongs - 8.5 Inch - Ceramic - White
  • Material: Made from oven-safe ceramic that can withstand up to 350 degrees. Also includes stamped silver plate tongs.
  • Design: A sleek and spacious design that keeps your food warmer for longer and makes for easy traveling. The white ceramic container includes a cute phrase with decorative lettering. The silver tongs are vintage-style and stamped with more cute lettering.
  • Use: The perfect size for tortillas, pancakes, pitas, waffles, wraps, flatbread, roti, and more. This versatile and decorative dish will be a hit at taco Tuesdays, parties, family dinners, picnics, or other casual events. Also an excellent gift item!
  • Size: Spacious 8.5" diameter and 2" high ceramic warming dish plus lid. Also includes tongs for efficient handling. Can easily hold up to 12 tortillas.
  • Care: This high-quality ceramic warming dish with lid and metal tongs is easy to clean! Let it cool after use, then handwash with warm water and mild soap.

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Design: A Perfect Blend of Beauty and Functionality

The Servappetit Tortilla Warmer with Tongs is not only a practical kitchen tool but also a beautiful addition to any dining table. Its sleek and spacious design ensures that your tortillas and other flatbreads stay warm for longer while providing an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

The white ceramic container features decorative lettering that adds a touch of whimsy to your mealtime. It’s a delightful detail that will surely be appreciated by your guests.

Moreover, the vintage-style stamped silver plate tongs that come with the set add an elegant touch to the overall design. The combination of ceramic and silver creates a charmingly rustic look that will impress your friends and family.

Use: Versatile, Convenient, and Always in Style

This tortilla warmer is not limited to just tortillas. Its spacious 8.5″ diameter and 2″ height make it perfect for heating or reheating a variety of flatbreads, including pancakes, pitas, waffles, wraps, and roti. It offers you the flexibility to serve a wide range of dishes at any casual event or gathering.

Whether it’s taco Tuesday, a family dinner, a picnic, or a party, the Servappetit Tortilla Warmer will be your go-to kitchen companion. Its versatility ensures that you can use it in various settings, adding convenience and style to your meals.

Size: Generously Spacious for Feeding a Crowd

This ceramic warming dish with a lid is designed to hold up to 12 tortillas, providing ample servings for your family and friends. With its 8.5″ diameter, there’s enough space to keep plenty of flatbreads warm and ready to be enjoyed.

Moreover, the included tongs make it easy and efficient to handle the tortillas, ensuring that everyone gets served quickly and hassle-free. The dish truly combines form and function to enhance your dining experience.

Care: Effortless Cleaning for Your Convenience

Maintaining the Servappetit Tortilla Warmer is a breeze. After use, simply let it cool down and then handwash it with warm water and mild soap. Cleaning up has never been easier, allowing you to spend more quality time with your loved ones and less time in the kitchen.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Dining Experience with the Servappetit Tortilla Warmer

The Servappetit Tortilla Warmer with Tongs is not just a kitchen tool; it’s a statement piece that adds charm and functionality to your dining table. Its sleek design, versatile size, and easy cleaning make it an indispensable item for any occasion.

Whether you’re hosting a casual get-together or simply enjoying a quiet meal at home, this tortilla warmer ensures that your food stays warm and delicious. It’s also an excellent gift option for friends or family members who appreciate both style and practicality in their kitchen tools.

In summary, if you’re looking to elevate your dining experience and impress your guests, the Servappetit Tortilla Warmer with Tongs is a must-have. Get yours today and enjoy warm, mouth-watering tortillas and flatbreads that will leave everyone wanting more.

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