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XXL Star Wars Death Star Beach Ball – Light-Up and Epic!

SwimWays Star Wars Death Star XXL Light-Up Inflatable Beach Ball
  • STAR WARS THEME: That's no moon! Add some fun to your party with this oversized Death Star graphic beach ball!
  • LIGHT-UP: This inflatable contains super bright LED lights inside which illuminate each time you hit the ball
  • PARTY READY: Perfect for themed pool, beach, and birthday parties or just every day fun! LED lights allow the fun to continue into the night
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: Inflatable ball includes (non-replaceable) button cell battery so the fun can begin immediately
  • DIMENSIONS: Beach ball measures 31 inches in diameter; recommended for ages 3 and up

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SwimWays Star Wars Death Star XXL Light-Up Inflatable Beach Ball

The SwimWays Star Wars Death Star XXL Light-Up Inflatable Beach Ball is a must-have for every Star Wars fan. This monster-sized inflatable pool toy is shaped like the infamous Death Star space station from the Star Wars movies, making it the perfect addition to your pool or beach party.

Death Star Beach Ball

Illuminate the Fun

What sets this beach ball apart from others is its light-up feature. The Death Star XXL Beach Ball contains super bright LED lights inside, which illuminate each time you hit the ball. The cool detailing of the Death Star’s surface becomes even more mesmerizing at night, creating an incredible visual experience for everyone playing with it. Whether you’re having a daytime pool party or a late-night gathering, this beach ball will keep the fun going.

Perfect for Any Occasion

This Death Star XXL Beach Ball is party-ready, making it a fantastic choice for themed pool, beach, or birthday parties. Imagine the excitement of your guests as they see this impressive Death Star floating in the water or soaring through the air. Kids and adults alike will have a blast throwing, catching, and smacking this giant beach ball during all sorts of outdoor activities. It’s a great way to level up the fun and add a touch of Star Wars magic to any celebration.

Easy to Use and Enjoy

Don’t worry about any complicated setup or additional purchases. This inflatable beach ball comes with non-replaceable button cell batteries included, so you can start enjoying the light-up feature right away. The beach ball measures approximately 31 inches in diameter, providing ample space for exciting games and water play. Plus, it’s suitable for kids aged 3 and up, making it an excellent toy for the whole family to enjoy together.

Kids playing with Death Star Beach Ball

Unleash Your Inner Jedi

The SwimWays Star Wars Death Star XXL Light-Up Inflatable Beach Ball combines the thrill of Star Wars with the joys of outdoor play. This unique and eye-catching product is a great way to bring friends and family together for hours of fun and excitement. Whether you’re splashing around in the pool, running on sandy beaches, or hosting a Star Wars-themed party, this beach ball is sure to keep everyone entertained and create unforgettable memories.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own this incredible Death Star XXL Light-Up Inflatable Beach Ball. Embrace the force and let the Star Wars magic take over your summertime adventures!

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