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Tamashii Nations Black Spiderman – Unbelievable!

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Tamashii Nations Manga Realization Onmitsu Black Spiderman “Marvel” Review


The Tamashii Nations Manga Realization Onmitsu Black Spiderman “Marvel” action figure is a unique and captivating collectible that combines the iconic superhero character with the rich history of feudal Japan. Designed by top sculptor and designer Takeyuki Takeya, this figure beautifully merges the modern world of Marvel with the ancient art of ninja warriors.

Design and Features

One of the standout features of this action figure is the attention to detail in its design. Onmitsu Black Spider-Man has been transformed into a web-like ninja, complete with a black and red samurai-inspired suit. The sculpting captures the essence of both Spider-Man and a warrior from feudal Japan, resulting in a visually striking and highly unique piece.

The figure comes with interchangeable hands, allowing collectors to pose Spider-Man in a variety of dynamic positions. Additionally, it includes a Japanese Katana set, highlighting his lethal abilities in combat. One of the most impressive features is the Ninja kaginawa-style grappling web hook, which serves as a firing mechanism and adds an authentic touch to the figure’s ninja persona.

Quality and Artistry

The craftsmanship of this figure is exceptional. The intricate sculpting and paintwork showcase the expertise and talent of Takeyuki Takeya. Every detail, from the folds of the fabric to the texture of the armor, is meticulously crafted, making this piece a true work of art. The quality of the materials used, combined with the attention to detail, ensures that this action figure will be a standout piece in any collection.

Value and Collectability

While the Tamashii Nations Manga Realization Onmitsu Black Spiderman “Marvel” action figure carries a higher price point, its value lies in its exclusivity and collectability. This unique interpretation of Spider-Man is sure to be a standout piece in any Marvel fan’s collection. Its limited availability and the attention to detail make it a sought-after item for collectors and fans of both Marvel and Japanese history.

The figure’s age recommendation of 15 and up ensures that it is suitable for both adult collectors and older fans of the franchise. The inclusion of the official Bluefin Distribution logo guarantees that the product is an authentic Tamashii Nations release.


The Tamashii Nations Manga Realization Onmitsu Black Spiderman “Marvel” action figure is a remarkable fusion of two worlds. Its unique design, impeccable artistry, and attention to detail make it a must-have for any collector or fan of Spider-Man. By combining the iconic superhero with the elegance of feudal Japan, this figure offers a captivating and visually stunning addition to any collection.

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