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TataTattoos Auburn Nipple Tattoos – Realistic (20 Pack)

TataTattoos Temporary Realistic Nipple/Areola Tattoos - Medium, Auburn (20 Pack)
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TataTattoos Temporary Realistic Nipple/Areola Tattoos - Medium, Auburn (20 Pack)
  • TataTattoos were designed to help you “Put the Ooh-La-La back on your Tatas”
  • DESCRIPTION: TataTattoos are temporary, realistic 3-D images of nipple/areola tattoos designed for women who’ve undergone a mastectomy and are waiting to undergo reconstructive breast surgery, or for those choosing not to. *PLEASE NOTE: Read the description carefully. They DO NOT PROTRUDE, rather are flat temporary tattoos of REALISTIC 3-D IMAGES of areola/nipples.
  • COLOR: AUBURN provides a pinker variation of a light tone areola.
  • SIZES: TataTattoos come in Small (1.55"), Medium (1.65") and Large (2.0") in diameter (see photo).
  • LONG-LASTING: TataTattoos can last five days or longer depending on level of activity and oiliness of the skin. For best results, be sure to apply it to clean, dry skin that is free of oil, lotion or make-up. Wipe skin with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry prior to application. Loosely powder after application for best results. The tattoos are waterproof, but can easily be removed with sunscreen, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer or baby oil.

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The Perfect Solution for Breast Cancer Survivors

When it comes to recovering from a mastectomy, breast cancer survivors face a number of challenges. Not only do they have to cope with the physical effects of the surgery, they also have to deal with the emotional impact of losing a part of their body. This is where TataTattoos Temporary Realistic Nipple/Areola Tattoos come into play.

Designed specifically for women who have undergone a mastectomy, TataTattoos are temporary, realistic images of nipple/areola tattoos that are here to help survivors “Put the ooh-la-la back on their tatas.” These tattoos, carefully crafted by a breast cancer survivor herself, are a powerful reminder that beauty and confidence can be restored, even after such a life-altering surgery.

Realistic and Temporary

One of the most impressive features of TataTattoos is their realistic 3D design. Unlike other temporary nipple/areola tattoos on the market, TataTattoos are flat, yet give the illusion of protrusion. This attention to detail creates a truly lifelike appearance, enhancing the confidence of breast cancer survivors and reminding them of their inherent beauty.

Auburn Color for a Natural Look

One standout feature of TataTattoos Temporary Realistic Nipple/Areola Tattoos is their Auburn color option. This shade provides a pinker variation of a light tone areola, making it a perfect match for those looking to achieve a natural look. The choice of color options ensures that women of different skin tones can find the perfect match for their individual needs.

Long-Lasting and Easy to Apply

TataTattoos are not only realistic but also long-lasting. With proper application and care, these tattoos can last up to five days or longer, depending on the level of activity and oiliness of the skin. Applying TataTattoos is a breeze – simply ensure that the skin is clean, dry, and free of oil, lotion, or makeup before applying. To remove the tattoo, use sunscreen, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or baby oil – it’s that easy!

Empowerment and Support

What truly sets TataTattoos apart is the message they carry. Founded by a breast cancer survivor, TataTattoos serves as a powerful reminder that everything is temporary, and that you are beautiful, loved, and valued, regardless of your physical appearance. TataTattoos are not just tattoos, they are a symbol of empowerment and support for women who have faced and overcome the challenges of breast cancer.

In conclusion, TataTattoos Temporary Realistic Nipple/Areola Tattoos are a game-changer for breast cancer survivors. With their realistic design, long-lasting nature, and empowering message, these tattoos offer a unique and powerful solution for those recovering from a mastectomy. Don’t let cancer define you – embrace your beauty with TataTattoos!

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