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AirFly: The Ultimate Gym and Plane Companion!

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Introducing AirFly | The Ultimate Wireless Transmitter

Are you tired of being limited by wired headphones when you’re on the go? Do you yearn for the freedom to use your wireless or noise-cancelling headphones in places like gyms or on airplanes? Look no further than the Twelve South AirFly, the tiny Bluetooth device that connects any wireless headphones to entertainment systems with only wired headphone jacks.

Unleash Your Wireless Headphones During Flights

Picture this: You’re seated on a long-haul flight, ready to be entertained by the in-flight movies. But alas, your wireless headphones are rendered useless by the lack of Bluetooth connectivity on the plane. Fear not, because AirFly is here to save the day. Simply plug this ingenious little device into the headphone jack on your airplane seat, and voila! You can now enjoy the exhilarating sound from your wireless headphones as you delve into the world of cinematic magic.

No More Limits at the Gym

We all know how boring it can be to work out in silence at the gym while staring at the mind-numbingly repetitive news or reality TV shows on the overhead screens. With AirFly, you can finally break free from the chains of wired headphones. Connect your wireless sport headphones to the treadmill’s headphone jack, and let the beats of your favorite workout playlist pump you up. Experience the true liberation of movement without any tangled wires holding you back.

Game On with AirFly

Calling all gamers! Are you tired of being tethered to your gaming console with those pesky headphone cables? Enter AirFly, your gaming freedom fighter. With its aptX Low Latency audio codecs, you can now connect your wireless headphones to your Nintendo Switch for an immersive gaming experience. Feel the thrill of every explosion and the tension of every boss fight with crystal-clear audio, all without being confined by cumbersome cables.

Technical Marvel, Unmatched Convenience

AirFly boasts Bluetooth v4.1 technology, ensuring a seamless and reliable connection between your headphones and the audio source. The inclusion of aptX Low Latency, aptX, and SBC audio codecs guarantees high-quality sound with minimal lag. With an impressive battery life of eight hours, AirFly will keep the music playing throughout your entire journey. Each package comes with a 3.5mm headphone cable, USB charging cable, travel pouch, quick start guide, and manual. Everything you need for your wireless audio escapades in one neat bundle.

The Upgrade Your Headphones Need

It’s worth noting that AirFly Classic is not recommended for AirPods. However, Twelve South offers newer AirFly models specifically designed for AirPod users: AirFly Pro, AirFly Duo, AirFly Switch, and AirFly USB-C. So, whether you have AirPods or a different type of wireless headphones, Twelve South has you covered.

Say goodbye to wires and embrace the freedom of wireless audio with Twelve South AirFly. Imagine the possibilities of using your wireless or noise-cancelling headphones wherever you go, whether you’re on a plane, hitting the gym, or immersing yourself in the world of gaming. The power to choose how you listen is now in your hands.

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