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EasySecure V-Lock: Versatile Accessory Mount for Boats & Work Benches

V-Lock Mounting Bracket Flat Insert to Easily Secure and Remove Accessories on the Boat or Tools on the Work Bench,
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V-Lock Mounting Bracket Flat Insert to Easily Secure and Remove Accessories on the Boat or Tools on the Work Bench,
  • Universal Mounting System -secure your tools and accessories to the Boat, Workbench, Kayak, Trailer
  • Simple, strong and extremely versatile
  • Essential flexibility
  • Protect your gear secure and remove with ease
  • Use your existing accessories

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Simple, Strong, and Extremely Versatile: The V-Lock Mounting Bracket

When it comes to securing and removing accessories on your boat or tools on your workbench, the V-Lock Mounting Bracket Flat Insert is an essential tool that brings a new level of ease and convenience. With its simple design, strong build, and incredible versatility, this mounting bracket is a must-have for any boating enthusiast or DIY enthusiast.

Unleash Essential Flexibility

What sets the V-Lock Mounting Bracket apart from other mounting solutions is its unique two-component system. The first component is the V-Lock base, which is securely attached to a logical and convenient location on your boat or workbench. Once the base is in place, you can easily mount any accessory using the V-Lock insert. This means that wherever you have a V-Lock base, you can instantly use any accessory that is compatible with the system. The possibilities are endless!

Secure and Remove with Ease

Gone are the days of struggling with complex mounting systems or dealing with loose accessories. The V-Lock Mounting Bracket offers a game-changing feature that allows you to protect your gear while also providing effortless removal. With a simple twist and pull motion, you can securely attach or detach accessories, ensuring that they stay in place during the most intense boating adventures or rigorous DIY projects.

Utilize Your Existing Accessories

One of the most significant advantages of the V-Lock Mounting Bracket is its compatibility with your existing accessories. There’s no need to invest in a whole new set of tools or gadgets. This system allows you to utilize what you already have, giving you the freedom to explore new possibilities without breaking the bank. Simply attach your favorite accessories to a V-Lock insert, and you’re ready to go.

Exceptional Build Quality and Value

The V-Lock Mounting Bracket is designed with durability and longevity in mind. Constructed with high-quality materials, it can withstand the toughest conditions and ensures that your accessories are held securely in place. Additionally, the added value of the flat insert in this V-Lock set offers even more versatility, catering to a wide range of accessories and tools.

Overall, the V-Lock Mounting Bracket Flat Insert is a game-changer in the world of mounting solutions. Its simplicity, strength, and versatility make it an essential tool to have on your boat or workbench. Say goodbye to complex and unreliable mounting systems and hello to a seamless and effortless experience. Trust the V-Lock Mounting Bracket to keep your gear secure and ready for any adventure.


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