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Vienna® Beef Polish Sausage: 6″ Skinless | 5 lbs. | 30 count

Vienna® Beef Skinless Polish Sausage 6" 6:1 5 lbs. (approximately 30 count)
  • Classic Vienna Beef Skinless Polish Sausage
  • Made in Chicago since 1893. Serve Maxwell Street style with mustard, grilled onions and sport peppers.
  • All beef, hickory-smoked. 100% domestic beef.
  • 30 Polish Sausages per case. 6 per pound. 6 inches long.
  • Famous Snap and delicious smokey flavor!

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Made in Chicago since 1893

For over a century, Vienna® Beef has been crafting some of the most mouthwatering sausages in the heart of Chicago. Their Skinless Polish Sausage is a true testament to their dedication and expertise in creating delicious meaty delights. With its rich history and authentic flavors, this sausage is sure to please even the most discerning palates.

A Maxwell Street Delight

When you think of iconic Chicago street food, the Maxwell Street Polish sausage immediately comes to mind. Vienna® Beef Skinless Polish Sausage is the key ingredient to recreate this classic dish. Serve it up with mustard, grilled onions, and sport peppers for an authentic taste that will transport you right to the bustling streets of Chicago.

A Sausage Like No Other

What sets Vienna® Beef Skinless Polish Sausage apart from the rest is its superior quality and taste. Made from 100% domestic beef, you can be assured that you are getting the finest ingredients in every bite. The sausages are hickory-smoked, giving them a deliciously smokey flavor that is sure to leave you craving for more. And let’s not forget about that famous snap! With each bite, you’ll experience a satisfying snap that adds an extra layer of texture and enjoyment.

The Perfect Size and Quantity

With approximately 30 sausages per case, each measuring 6 inches long, Vienna® Beef Skinless Polish Sausage is the perfect option for hosting a gathering or stocking up for future meals. With 6 sausages per pound, you can easily plan your portions and ensure everyone gets their fair share. Whether you’re serving a large group or just enjoying a sausage-filled meal all to yourself, this product offers both convenience and quantity.

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity

The versatility of Vienna® Beef Skinless Polish Sausage knows no bounds. While it shines in the beloved Maxwell Street-style preparation, this sausage can also be the star of various other culinary creations. From hearty sandwiches to flavorful stews, the possibilities are endless. Its robust flavor and juicy texture make it a go-to ingredient for any meat lover looking to elevate their dishes.


In conclusion, Vienna® Beef Skinless Polish Sausage is an exceptional product that encapsulates the essence of Chicago’s culinary heritage. With its rich history, superior quality, and unparalleled taste, it is no wonder why this sausage is a staple in countless households. Whether you’re recreating a classic Chicago street food experience or exploring new flavors in your own kitchen, Vienna® Beef Skinless Polish Sausage is the perfect choice for a truly delicious meal. Don’t miss out on this mouthwatering delight that has stood the test of time.

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