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Dash – Voice Activated Coding Robot – 5 Free STEM Apps – Create Confident Digital Kids!

Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot for Kids 6+ – Voice Activated – Navigates Objects – 5 Free Programming...
  • A thoughtful design and approachable personality make Dash the perfect companion for both boys and girls, ages 6-11, right out of the box - no assembly (or experience!) necessary
  • Box Includes: 1 Dash robot, 2 building brick connectors, 1 USB charging cable. This Dash unit contains more working memory than before and an 18% longer battery life. Dash does not contain a camera
  • Use Dash with one of Wonder Workshop’s free apps available for Apple iOS, Android OS, and Fire OS: Blockly Dash & Dot Robots, Wonder for Dash & Dot Robots, and Path for Dash Robot
  • Using the apps, children learn coding concepts like sequencing, events, loops, algorithms, operations, and variables through self-directed play and guided challenges
  • Dash can be programmed to sing, dance, navigate obstacles, respond to voice commands, and perform in ways that solve in-app challenges
  • Kids can watch their virtual coding turn into tangible learning experiences in real time as Dash, with its performance and multiple sensors, interacts with and responds to its surroundings

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Unleash Your Child’s Imagination with Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot

Have you ever wondered how to introduce your child to the exciting world of coding? Look no further! Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot for Kids is here to captivate and inspire your little ones. This amazing robot will not only entertain your child for hours but also provide a framework for them to learn valuable coding skills.

Endless Possibilities with Dash

Wonder Workshop Dash is not just any ordinary toy robot. It is a powerful and versatile coding companion that can respond to voice commands and perform a wide range of actions. With the help of five free downloadable apps, your child can make Dash sing, draw, and navigate its surroundings. This robot is a gateway to a world of creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Open-Ended Learning Experience

Wonder Workshop understands that coding is not just about memorizing syntax or following predefined rules. It’s about exploring, experimenting, and finding innovative solutions. Dash provides kids with the opportunity to understand loops, events, conditions, and sequences by witnessing how their commands translate into real-life movements.

Building Confidence as Digital Citizens

As your child interacts with Dash and sees their own designs come to life, their confidence as digital citizens and architects will soar. Wonder Workshop believes that technology should be a canvas for exploration and collaboration. With regular wonder workshops and robot competitions, your child can continually refine their skills and creativity.

Grows with Your Child

Dash is designed to adapt to your child’s growing skills and interests. It starts at any skill level and can be built upon as your child progresses. With additional attachments from Wonder Workshop, Dash can tackle even more challenges and provide endless fun and learning opportunities.

Long-lasting Entertainment

With up to 5 hours of active play and 30 days of standby time, Dash is ready to keep your child engaged for extended periods. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures that the fun never stops. Plus, the included building brick connectors allow your child to transform Dash into a variety of exciting creations using their own LEGO bricks.

Unlock the World of Coding with Wonder Workshop

Give your child the gift of coding and watch as they embark on a thrilling learning journey. Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot for Kids comes packed with features, countless possibilities, and the ability to foster confident digital citizens. It’s time to unleash your child’s imagination and let them explore the wonders of coding with Dash!

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