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XOOL Portable Car Fan – Cool Air Anywhere!

XOOL Electric Car Fans for Rear Seat Passenger Portable Fan Headrest 360 Degree Rotatable Backseat Car Fan 12V...
  • ❄【FEEL COOL】 With 2 rotatable fan heads, 12V electric car fans blow hot air out of parking car efficiently. XOOL car fan can provide strong wind to cool down rear seat passengers and pets at back seat immediately when car air conditioner is weak or no air conditioner at all. The car fan allows rear seat passengers or pets to feel cool and comfortable in the car. XOOL car fan will not disturb the passengers who are at rest for its low noise.
  • ❄【ADJUSTABLE CAR FAN】 XOOL car fan can be rotated by 360 degree, and fan base is also rotatable, which can bring coolness to the passengers or pets in every corner in the backseat of car. You just need to adjust by yourself. With a big speed controller, you can change wind speed easily and effortlessly according to your feeling. Stepless speed regulation which has no specific wind speed setting limit maximizes your comfort.
  • ❄【AIR CIRCULATION】 XOOL car fan is perfect for removing off moisture of interior windshield on cold rainy days and reducing unwanted hot air, cigarettes smoke or dust. It also can eliminate pet odor which makes you feel uncomfortable. The car fan features sturdy and high quality grip that can be installed tightly in your car seat. XOOL car fans comes with some black clamps to keep the wire clean. The wire length 5.87ft.
  • ❄【COMPATIBILITY】 XOOL car fans fit all mini small compact or medium large full size sedans SUV Van Truck RV ATV with 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Socket (Not for 24V Trucks). XOOL car fan is easy to use. Just plug into 12V cigarette lighter power socket and use. You need to screw the swivel nut at bottom when you install or remove the car fan from the grip. The installment can be done easily by hand without any extra tools.
  • ❄【WONDERFUL GIFT】 XOOL car fan is an amazing gift for car owners. The car fan is energy saving and takes up very little space in car. You can order the durable car fans as a gift for your family and friends. They must be impressed by this wonderful gift.

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XOOL Electric Car Fans for Rear Seat Passenger Portable Fan Headrest 360 Degree Rotatable Backseat Car Fan is a must-have accessory for every car owner who wants to ensure the comfort and well-being of their passengers. With its innovative design and powerful performance, this car fan is a game-changer in the world of automotive accessories.

First and foremost, the 360-degree rotatable feature of this fan is what sets it apart from other car fans in the market. It allows you to direct the airflow wherever it is needed, ensuring that every corner of the backseat is cool and comfortable. Whether you have passengers or pets in the backseat, this fan guarantees their comfort by providing a refreshing breeze at any angle.

The stepless speed regulation feature of XOOL car fan is another remarkable aspect. It gives you complete control over the wind speed, allowing you to adjust it according to your preference and the ambient temperature. No more dealing with limited speed settings that don’t provide the desired comfort. With this fan, the possibilities are endless.

One of the greatest benefits of this car fan is its ability to circulate air effectively. It is ideal for removing moisture from the interior windshield on cold rainy days, preventing fogging and improving visibility. Additionally, it helps reduce unwanted hot air, smoke, and dust, creating a cleaner and fresher environment inside your car. It even eliminates pet odors, making your journeys more pleasant and enjoyable.

The sturdy and high-quality grip of XOOL car fan ensures that it is securely installed in your car seat, preventing any accidents or discomfort. The addition of black clamps keeps the wire clean and organized, maintaining a neat appearance in your vehicle. The 5.87ft wire length provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to position the fan wherever you need it.

Compatibility is not an issue with XOOL car fans. They fit all mini small compact or medium large full-size sedans, SUVs, vans, trucks, RVs, and ATVs with a 12V DC cigarette lighter socket. It is incredibly easy to use, simply plug it into the cigarette lighter power socket and enjoy the cool breeze. The installation process is hassle-free and can be done by hand without the need for any extra tools.

Aside from its exceptional functionality, XOOL car fan also makes for a wonderful gift for your loved ones. Its energy-saving design ensures that it doesn’t drain your car battery and it takes up very little space, making it a practical and thoughtful present. Trust us, your family and friends will be impressed by this marvelous gift.

In conclusion, the XOOL Electric Car Fans for Rear Seat Passenger Portable Fan Headrest 360 Degree Rotatable Backseat Car Fan is an essential accessory for anyone who values the comfort and overall experience of their passengers. Its adjustable design, powerful performance, and convenient features make it a standout product in the market. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your car rides. Get your hands on the XOOL car fan and start enjoying a cooler and more enjoyable journey today.

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