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Yesito Chicken Harness – Ultimate Comfort for Petite Poultry! 🐓

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Enhance Chicken Training to the Fullest

Teaching your beloved chickens to walk on a leash may seem like a crazy idea, but with the Yesito Chicken Harness Hen Size with 6ft Matching Leash, it’s not only possible, but also incredibly convenient. Say goodbye to chasing after your chickens and hello to a new level of training.

Made to Last – Ultra Resilient Fabric

When it comes to a chicken harness, durability is key. Thankfully, the Yesito Chicken Harness is constructed with an ultra resilient mesh fabric that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. No more worrying about seams coming loose or stitching falling apart – this harness is built to last.

Personalized and Stylish

In addition to its functionality, the Yesito Chicken Harness also offers a touch of style. With three different colors of bow ties included, you can customize your chicken’s look and make them the center of attention during your walks. It’s a fun and unique way to show off your feathered friends.

Added Convenience with a Storage Bag

The thoughtful folks at Yesito have even included a storage bag as a gift with their Chicken Harness. Not only can you easily store and transport the harness, but you can also use the bag to hold small items like keys, coins, and even your favorite lipstick. It’s a practical bonus that adds value to your purchase.


The Yesito Chicken Harness Hen Size with 6ft Matching Leash is an exceptional product that brings a new level of convenience and enjoyment to chicken training. Its durable and breathable fabric ensures that it will withstand the test of time, while the personalized bow ties add a touch of style to your walks. With the included storage bag, you have added convenience and versatility. Say goodbye to the days of chasing after your chickens and hello to a more controlled and enjoyable experience. Give the Yesito Chicken Harness a try and see the difference it makes in your chicken training journey.

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