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Yesito Chicken Harness: Perfect for 6.6 Pound Hens!

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Enhance Chicken Training with the Yesito Chicken Harness Hen Size

Walking your chicken might sound like a ridiculous idea, but with the Yesito Chicken Harness Hen Size with 6ft Matching Leash, it’s more than possible. This innovative pet accessory allows you to train your feathery friend to walk on a leash, giving them exercise and mental stimulation while bringing you peace of mind. Say goodbye to your chicken’s tendency to fly off and explore on their own with this captivating harness.

Made to Last – Ultra Resilient Fabric

The Yesito Chicken Harness is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Made with a durable, breathable, and reinforced mesh fabric, this harness can handle even the most adventurous chickens. No more worries about seams coming loose or stitching falling apart. The Yesito Chicken Harness is built to last, ensuring that your chicken stays safe and comfortable during walks.

Personalize Your Chicken’s Style

With the Yesito Chicken Harness, you don’t just get a functional accessory, but also a stylish one. Each harness comes with three colors of bow ties, allowing you to match your chicken’s harness to their unique style. Not only will your chicken be the talk of the town, but they will also feel like a true fashion icon. Walk your chicken with pride, knowing that they are both safe and stylish.

A Storage Bag as a Gift

Not only does the Yesito Chicken Harness come with all the features you need for a successful walk, but it also includes a useful storage bag as a gift. This bag can hold the chicken harness when not in use, keeping it clean and organized. But that’s not all – this versatile bag can also accommodate other small articles such as keys, coins, or even lipsticks. With the Yesito Chicken Harness, you not only get a practical accessory for your chicken, but also a handy storage solution.


The Yesito Chicken Harness Hen Size with 6ft Matching Leash is a revolutionary product that allows you to enhance your chicken training experience. Made with ultra resilient fabric, this harness is built to last and withstand the antics of even the most adventurous chickens. With the added personalization of the bow ties and the inclusion of a storage bag, the Yesito Chicken Harness offers both style and functionality. So why wait? Give your feathered friend the opportunity to explore the world on a leash with the Yesito Chicken Harness.

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