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Exbolt 65 Badminton String – YONEX Essential

YONEX BG Exbolt 65 Badminton String
  • Exbolt; A brand new badminton string series from Yonex. Yonex Exbolt 65, made from a brand new material called Forged Fiber. A material which allowed a thinner gauged string to be constructed without compromising durability. Exbolt 65 has a new coating: Elasticity Outer, resulting in a combination of quick repulsion, added durabilty and control.
  • Gauge: 22 / Diameter: 0.65mm
  • Construction: Multifilament
  • Length: 33 ft. / 10 m.
  • 1 pack

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Introducing YONEX BG Exbolt 65: A Revolution in Badminton Strings

For any badminton player, finding the perfect string can be a game-changer. The right string can enhance your game, improve your control, and provide you with an edge over your opponents. That’s where YONEX BG Exbolt 65 comes in. This brand new badminton string series is a game-changer in itself, promising a unique blend of performance, durability, and control. Let’s dive into the details and see what makes this string so special.

The Power of Forged Fiber

YONEX Exbolt 65 is crafted from a revolutionary material called Forged Fiber. This material allows the string to be constructed with a thinner gauge of 0.65mm without compromising on durability. The thinner gauge not only improves the string’s repulsion power but also enhances your control over the shuttle. With Exbolt 65, you can expect lightning-quick movements and swift shots that leave your opponents in awe.

Elasticity Outer: The Perfect Coating

One of the standout features of YONEX BG Exbolt 65 is its Elasticity Outer coating. This innovative coating provides the string with added elasticity, resulting in explosive repulsion upon impact. The quick snap-back of the string allows you to generate exceptional power with minimal effort, giving you an advantage on the court. Additionally, the coating enhances the durability of the string, ensuring it can withstand intense gameplay without losing its performance.

A Multifilament Construction for Enhanced Feel

In addition to its standout materials, Exbolt 65 features a multifilament construction. This construction style enhances the overall feel of the string, providing a comfortable and responsive touch with every shot. Whether you are executing a delicate drop shot or a powerful smash, the string offers exceptional feedback and control, allowing you to execute your shots with precision.

The Perfect Length and Quantity

YONEX understands the needs of badminton players, which is why the Exbolt 65 comes in a length of 33 ft. / 10 m. This generous length ensures that you have enough string to restring your racket multiple times, allowing you to maintain the consistent performance of your equipment. The string is conveniently packed in a single pack, making it easy to store and transport wherever you go.

Unleash Your Potential with YONEX BG Exbolt 65

The YONEX BG Exbolt 65 is designed to unleash your true potential on the badminton court. Its unique blend of Forged Fiber material, Elasticity Outer coating, and multifilament construction sets it apart from other strings in the market. With Exbolt 65, you’ll experience unparalleled power, control, and durability in every shot. Whether you’re a casual player looking to improve your game or a professional aiming for the top, this string will never let you down.

Invest in YONEX BG Exbolt 65 today and take your badminton skills to new heights!

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